About me


Andrea Carega

International freelance Creative Director based in Rome and London looking for new exciting career opportunities.

I was trained in Italy and UK with more than 15 years of professional experience covering all major aspects of graphic design: logo & corporate identity, print, web, promotion, packaging and advertising (print, radio).

Very strong copywriting skills: published novelist in Italy (one short novel by major publishing house Mondadori), fluent in English (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English attained in the year 2000).

Professional-level photography skills, expecially in portrait, landscape/architecture and travel photography. I have taught photography as a secondary activity for over five years.

Excellent knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite software, with focus on Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

Founder and creative director of Italian graphic design agency Brainwash Visual Communications.
Accomplished creative director with a strong sense of strategy, able to work solo or coordinating a team.

I can work directly for the end client or function as a creative consultant for bigger agencies that need a superior level of quality for their clients. If you have an open position in your company that would match my profile, I’d be happy to hear from you.

I have worked for international clients such as Guinness, Unicum, Pirelli, Gianfranco Ferrè, ANSA, World Health Organization, La Roche Posay, Rilastil, Diners Club, and many more, either directly or functioning as an external creative director for other agencies (some of the projects featured in my portfolio were commissioned by agencies, though they’re filed with the endclient name).

My work has been defined as strategic, refined, no-nonsense, client-oriented, extremely creative.

I’m also co-founder and current president of the first Italian inclusive rugby team, Libera Rugby Club.

My Skills

Art Direction0%
Presentation Skills0%
CRM Strategy0%
Copywriting (Italian)0%
Copywriting (english)0%
Video Design0%
Graphic Design0%
Logo and Corporate Identity Design0%
Advertising (Print)0%
Promotion Design0%
Game Design (mobile)0%
Facebook App Design0%
Web Design0%




Native language



Fluent (C2) (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English attained in 2000)



Elementary (A2)



Beginner (A1)

My Tools

Adobe Photoshop0%
Adobe Lightroom0%
Adobe Premiere0%
Adobe Dreamweaver0%
Microsoft Office Outlook0%
Adobe Illustrator0%
Adobe InDesign0%
Adobe After Effects0%
Microsoft Office Word0%
Microsoft Office Excel0%