“Carattere Unicum” event in Milan 2014

Advertising, Branding, Event, Promotion
About This Project



One prestigious location (the Fonderia Napoleonica in Milan), two events to be held in the same day: one for the trade representatives and journalists, and one for selected consumers. The distinctive traits of Hungarian bitter Unicum had to be conveyed: how it was born for an emperor in 1790, how it is still made with the same secret recipee that comprises more than 40 herbs from all over the world, its historical heritage. At the same time, we had to communicate the launch of a new product, Unicum Plum, and communicate the brand as the choice for modern, sophisticated urban conoisseur. Finally, it was desirable that the event could be kept alive in the following weeks on the website, for those who couldn’t attend.



Barrels with perspex surfaces through which the different herbs were visible functioned as tables where hostess would offer tastings of Unicum and Unicum Plum. Various panels, each featuring a beautiful black and white picture, explained the different features of the the product. The main bar was designed to double as a stage through which Izabella Zwack (Unicum brand owner) could talk to journalists. At the bar special cocktails that used Unicum as ingredient, devised by world famous bartenders, were offered to the guests. A degustation area with a brand ambassador was created for everybody who wanted a deeper insight in the bitter tasting, with a special focus on the new Unicum Plum. During the consumer event different videos were projected on the central label of the big bottle on the stage. At a crucial moment the screen was removed and a jazz concert by famous musician Ganluca Petrella delighted the audience. During all the consumer event, five different young artists decorated live five barrels of Unicum. The results were then posted online for voting in the following weeks, and the winning one was used to decorate the special edition tin packaging of Unicum for Christmas 2014.